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With the connected world growing faster than we ever imagined, our lives evolve around the ability to be in one place and to connect and interact with the world around us.


Encompassing this same mindset into a design of a multi-family residence attracts potential renters five to one. Allowing residents to connect via WiFi anywhere on the property while enjoying the company of friends or family listening to music from their device gives a sense of belonging.


Being able to enjoy movie night on a 220” outdoor movie screen while lounging in the pool takes it to an over the top experience. 


A state of the art security system keeps them safe and gives comfort. Increase your revenue, retain your residents and stop trying to raise the bar… Be the bar!


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Multi-Use Products Provided:

Access Control:

RS2, HID, NDAP, Linear, Leviton, Paxton


Surveillance Systems:

Avigilon, Samsung, HIK Vision


Intrusion Systems:




RTI Corp, Crestron


WiFi System:

Rukus Wireless, Luxul, Araknis


Life and Safety Systems:



Lighting Control:

Lutron Radio RA2

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